Thursday, April 24, 2014

The United Nations is Enjoying The Hibernation Mode; Instead of Solving all the Conflicts Around the Globe.

We are observing a large numbers of conflicts around the world. South East Asia suffers from different territorial conflicts mainly between China, Japan, and South Korea. The nuclear tests of North Korea have caused massive fear and insecurity for the neighboring countries in the region. Most of the countries in the Middle East are struggling either with the growing number of Islamic fundamentalist groups or struggle of power with each other or rapid militarization and arms race. The shadow of nuclear armed Iran is going to cover the sky of the whole region. The civil war in Syria has forced couple of millions people to leave the country and take refuge in different neighboring countries. Some countries such as Iraq and Lebanon are suffering from a broad conflict between different Shiite and Sunni groups. After nearly 60 years, still the conflict between Israel and Palestine has not been solved. Egypt is struggling with the Muslim Brotherhood. The authorities in Yemen cannot defeat Al Qaeda and other Islamic Fundamentalist groups. After more than 35 years, still Afghanistan is the save haven for Islamic fundamentalist groups and drug dealers.

The situation in Africa is worse. The ordinary people are suffering in Nigeria, Mali, Somalia, South and North Sudan, Niger, etc.
All these examples raise some serious questions as follows. Where is the United Nations? What is the role of the United Nations with regard to all these conflicts? Why the UN is not able to do anything about all these conflicts? and furthermore; if the UN cannot do anything about these conflicts, what is the benefit of the UN?
Do we need a huge international organization like the UN that cannot solve our problems?

We have entered a new era. Most of the international organizations and institutions belonged to the previous era. As such, these international organizations and institutions cannot solve our contemporary problems. These international institutions do not function properly anymore. We should not be genius to understand this simple fact. We should dismantle and shut down all these useless international organizations. We need a fundamental revolution in this matter. We need some new international institutions.

M. Sirani                          24.04.2014

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