Friday, July 10, 2015

Desperate President Obama and Mr. John Kerry.

Everybody including the Iranian negotiators know how badly, no matter what and how, the Obama administration needs a nuclear deal with Tehran. This is not the matter of one day or one week or one month ago. Since more than a year ago, the Obama administration has been directly, indirectly, publicly and secretly projecting this idea. A great example, which proves my short statement in this matter, is the totally wrong policy of Obama administration in war against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. By implementing this wrong policy, the Obama administration did its best to appease the Islamic Regime for a shaky nuclear deal.  The result of this appeasement policy is a deeply humiliation and devastating shaky nuclear deal. In doing so, Iran uses all its power to put extra pressure on Obama administration in different terms and get more advantages as much as it can. Because, Iran simply knows that the hands of Obama administration is totally under its stone. (hands under stone= A Iranian proverb).

M. Sirani                               10.07.2015