Sunday, July 19, 2015

Obama’s Nuclear Deal Will Pave the Way Towards A Military Confrontation Against Iran More Than Any Other Warmonger.

The current shaky nuclear deal will legally pave the way towards a military confrontation against Iran somewhere in the future. Wonder why and how? One of the major points of the deal is that IAEA inspectors should have clear access to any suspicious place no matter nuclear or military, etc inside Iran. The important point in this matter is that the Supreme Leader along with the high ranking leaders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, army, and Ministry of Defense all have repeatedly claimed that Iran would not allow any foreign inspector or entity visit its military sites. Such a problematic issue will automatically give a green light to the USA and its allies to perform a military strike against Iran somewhere in the future. This is something that most of the politicians and pundits do not pay attention to it. Maybe, this is the main plan of the USA. In such a scenario, the U.S. administration does not need too much effort to convince the public amid a military confrontation with Iran. The U.S. administration, whether the current or future one, can simply say we have done our best to solve the nuclear problem with Iran through a peaceful and diplomatic manner; but this is Iran that has violated the agreement.    

M. Sirani                      19.07.2015