Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Islamic Regime, Russia and China Won; In Case of Fully Approval the Current Nuclear Deal (Genie is Out of the Bottle).


Following lifting the sanctions, Iran will become a member of the Shanghai Treaty. Should this happen, Iran will secretly develop its nuclear weapon after a while. Thereafter, Iran will continue with its expansionist behavior in the Middle East and Africa in a much more deeper and broader manner and the international community cannot do anything at all about it. Considering this brief information and the notion that Iran is one of the funding member of AIIB, some of those genius in Vienna tell me how on earth then the international community would be able to reverse the sanctions on Iran in the future, if Iran will not meet its obligation in this matter? Use your brain, in such a circumstance, do China and Russia cooperate with the West to reverse the sanctions on Iran? Do China and Russia reverse the sanctions on a funding member of AIIB and Shanghai Treaty?

Say hello to a nuclear-armed Iran and be prepared for more conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. The whole Middle East goes nuclear in the next coming years. 

Note: Those genius in Washington, Paris, London and Rome have absolutely no idea that how a nuclear-armed Iran would increase the security of Russia in the Middle East. As an example, look at the nuclear-armed North Korea and China. A nuclear-armed Iran functions the same for Russia and has absolutely no problem for Russia. 

M. Sirani                               14.07.2015