Saturday, July 4, 2015

Will You Be Able To Once Again Reverse Sanctions on Iran in the Future Due to Intensifying Conflicts in Ukraine and South East Asia?

1- Has IAEA been able to fully confirm the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activity?

2- Do you have any permission or authority to visit Iran's military sites, interview the nuclear scientists or check any suspicious sites with regards to Iran's secret nuclear activity in the future?

3- IAEA will release a report about the possible military dimension of Iran's nuclear activity at the end of this year. Do you want to remove the sanctions before releasing this important report by IAEA?  Or you want to wait for the IAEA report and then you will remove the sanctions? Should this happen, what would be the reaction of the U.S. Senate in this matter?

4- After more than a decade, the IAEA still has not been able to visit the suspicious sites in Iran or talk to the nuclear scientists or collect the necessary data in order to provide a comprehensive report with regards to Iran's nuclear activity. How would you be able to trust the transparency and cooperative behavior of Iran in the future?

5- The USA and some of the European countries are in some serious conflicts with Russia amid Ukraine tension and China amid its adventurous activities in South East Asia. How on earth would be able to reimpose sanctions on Iran somewhere in the future, if Iran would not meet its obligation with regards to the possible nuclear deal? Will Russia and China fully cooperate with you  within the Security Council due to these conflicts?

And many other questions in this regards

Note: You are dreaming to put your name under a shaky and unreliable nuclear deal with Iran in order to promote your political career and be an important part in the historical books. You will achieve this goal; your name will be published in the historical books, but at the special section of some people like Neville Chamberlain.   

M. Sirani                          04.07.2015