Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Prediction Nearly Two Years Ago Amid Iran's Involvement in the Nuclear Talk With 5+1.

Here below is the copy of my short note in this matter. Following the possible nuclear deal with Iran, some might understand what i was talking about.

M. Sirani            01.07.2015

A Golden Dream For the Islamic Regime of Iran.

If Iran would be able to lift those sanctions imposed by the Security Council even temporarily, the country would become untouchable, when it comes to its nuclear activity, due to the increasing level of conflicts between Russia, China and the West at the present and also in the future. Should this happen, Russia and China would veto any resolution imposed by the West against Iran within the Security Council. Following this event, Iran will waiting for the Year 2015; a year that Chinese Yuan will become one of the most used international currencies around the globe. This is the golden dream of Iran; this is the time that the Islamic regime will become an untouchable political system in the world.

M. Sirani                              11.12.2013