Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Not Bounding to the Nuclear Deadline ( July 9) is Fully Beneficial in various forms for Iran in Both the Short And Long Term.


If 5+1 and Iran cannot reach a comprehensive nuclear deal before July 9, the U.S. Senate, instead of 30 days, will spend 60 days to review the deal in order to lift the U.S. sanctions on Iran. During this period of time, the Senate can make the job difficult for the Obama administration amid the nuclear deal. But the Senate cannot fully stop the deal , due to the veto power of the President Obama. The Senate can somehow dismantle the nuclear deal with Iran, if a republican candidate will become the president in 2016 U.S. election. This particular issue, however is not an important theme at the present. The important point is passing the July 9 nuclear deadline and its negative consequences for the Obama administration, the U.S. political system and how the Iranian Regime can benefit from this opportunity in both the short and long term. 

Note: Needless to explore all the advantages that Iran can gain by this move, because, those who are currently negotiating in Vienna should have a clear picture about this issue. But in short, in case of a nuclear deal after July 9, Iran will gain a lot in different terms. The gain of Iran in this matter is much broader and deeper than ballistic missile or lifting the UN arm embargo. Iran will reach a strong position that neither a powerful state, nor a powerful authority can do anything at all about the country and its nuclear activity in the future.

M. Sirani                            07.07.2015