Thursday, July 9, 2015

Greece and $2 Billion Dollars Gas Deal With Russia.

Some genius within the EU have absolutely no idea what a heavily indebted Greece can do. They think because of nearly $340 billion debt, they can push Greece wherever they want.
These genius do not think about the negative consequences of Grexit from the EU in different terms, for example Grexit from NATO.

Note: If those genius decision makers in Brussels know exactly what type of negative consequences in different terms a Grexit can cause for the EU and the West, they would probably be ready to give a Greece a huge hair cut (debt relief) and keep the country within the EU. What a pity, they don't see the great picture in this matter. The only thing they see is that they have lent money and they should get their money back with interests; exactly like traditional money lender of one thousands years ago. They don't see any other events, for example heavily indebted Greece has nearly 1400 islands and can rent some of these islands to Russia and China for some amount of money. 
And many other issues. 

M. Sirani                   09.07.2015