Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kerry-Moniz Hearing About Iran's Nuclear Deal.


Based on my knowledge about A- The Islamic Regime,  B- Iranian Regime's special characteristics particularly its inherent ideological character, C- Iran's short and long term goals in the Middle East and Africa, D- The history of the Islamic Regime in the past 36 years, E- The revealed details of the current nuclear deal, which indicate the fact that this deal cannot stop Iran in acquiring nuclear weapon, i can simply say that at this stage the international community has left with only two options as follows:

1- Accepting a nuclear armed rich Iran (In case of lifting the sanctions).

2- Accepting a nuclear armed Iran under severe sanctions.

A logical mind would chose the second option based on many reasons.

Note: This is not a deal that would stop Iran. In fact, by this deal, the Obama administration has offered Iran a huge incentive and stimulus package (A type of economic, political and geo-strategical BRIBE) in different terms, hoping that this deal would stop Iran in obtaining nuclear weapon.  

M. Sirani                          23.07.2015