Sunday, October 18, 2015

Based on Many Reasons, it Seems The Third Intafada Has Begun.


The whole Middle East is on the verge of explosion, partly due to the weak and shaky nuclear deal with Iran, which is not acceptable for most of the countries in the region. The deal to a large extent change the balance of power in the region in the favor of Iran. As such, most of the countries in the region feel threatened and would try to gain power through offensive reaction with regards to their potential domestic as well as foreign enemies. If the situation continues in this way, we are going to reach the hypothetical world of Thomas Hobbes in the Middle East, i.e. "the war of all against all", due to the fact that there are some Shiite Muslims in all Arab countries.

Note: I repeat again: By some moves, i can change the balance of power in the Middle East against the Iranian Regime. By these moves, i can develop a new equilibrium in the Middle East and ease the tension to a large extent; much better than what we are observing today.

M. Sirani                             18.10.2015