Monday, October 5, 2015

Following Russia's Intervention, For Syria Might Be Too Late; But We Can Change the Balance of Power Against the Iranian Regime in the Middle East. International Politics Is Not Always A Dead End Alley.


In the past two years, i designed two plans that by performing them we might have decreased the power of Iran in Syria. The first one was following the latest chemical attack in Syria, which took place on 21.08.2015. Tow days after that event i designed the first peace plan for Syria that chemical disarmament of the Syrian regime was part of the plan. I sent the first draft of the plan for most of the Western countries including the UN and the country that i live at the moment. I didn't get any response.

Title: A plan that might save the world from another disaster.

The second plan: I designed it just couple of weeks ago and wrote a short note in this matter and uploaded in my weblog. By performing that plan, we might have change the course of Syrian civil war in a better direction. Again, i didn't get any response.

At the present time: Russia's direct military intervention has changed the course of Syrian conflict in the benefit of Russia and Iran without any doubt. However, we might not be able to seize the power in Syria, but there is other possibility that by performing another plan, we might be highly likely able to change the balance of power in the whole Middle East against the Iranian Regime. I'm ready to share my plan in this matter with a reliable authority or an international institute.

M. Sirani                          06.10.2015