Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Exclusive: In a Letter to Rouhani, Khamenei Endorsed the Nuclear Deal; But Reminded Him to Some Important Conditions (The End of Imposing Any Sanctions Based on Any Reason On Iran).

Briefly: I don't have the time to go through all the details of the letter. I just briefly reveals two points of the letter. (Iran won, all of you in the West lost badly & deeply).

In this letter, Khamenei reminds Rouhani to some important conditions with regards to the nuclear deal with 5+1.

One of them indicates a fact that imposing any sanctions on Iran based on any reason including terrorism or human rights in the next 8 years by any member of 5+1, means a clear violation of the nuclear deal. In such a scenario, Iran would withdraw from the nuclear deal.

Another condition is about the sanctions. According to Khamenei's letter, the fundamental structure of sanctions should totally be removed and the leaders of the USA and EU should confirm this issue through a written note. These two conditions simply are saying to the western countries that: Do not talk about snapshot or reversal of any sanctions in any area against Iran anymore. In other words, the wounded tiger (Iran) is totally out of the cage, and you cannot do anything about it. 

There are some other controversial conditions in this letter for example, with regards to Heavy Water Plant in Arak, the closure of Iran's PMD case by the IAEA and the notion that Iran should have 190,000 centrifuges at the end of 15 years.

In short, by this letter, Khamenei has checkmated and also has put the international community in a very critical position and that is that from now on, no state nor any international organization can do anything at all with regards to illegal, inhuman, illegitimate and unlawful activities of Iran in various terms and forms; due to the fact that Iran would withdraw from the treaty. In other words, by this move, Iran has taken the international community, laws and conventions as a hostage for an endless and limitless ransom.   

Note to the Western Countries:
As far as:
- You are promoting the Iranian Regime's lobbyists in different terms in your countries;
- You are using the Iranian Regime's lobbyists as Iran expert in your administration;
- You are conducting appeasement and apologist policy towards the Islamic Regime in order to secure your economic and Geo-strategic interests:
- You are ignoring the clear violation of human rights , pain and suffering of the Iranian people;
You deserve to be beaten and humiliated by the Islamic Regime in any battlefield.
Enjoy it and be prepared for full aggressive-offensive activities of Iran in the whole Middle East and a nuclear armed Iran somewhere in the future.

It should be mentioned that China & Russia are also swallowing Iran. But i don't write such a note to those totalitarian regimes; due to the fact that you (as the Western countries) are always screaming about human rights, liberal values and promoting these values in the world, not China, not Russia.

M. Sirani                             21.10.2015