Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton And Her Proposal Amid A No-Fly Zone in Syria.


It is really shocking me, when i see a well experienced politicians, the former first lady of the U.S. proposes such an idea at this stage.

In addition to nearly 80-100 (As far as i know, if i'm not wrong) airplanes necessary for such an operation, air defense system, maintenance, etc and the overall cost of conducting and preserving a No-Fly Zone in Syria, such an operation at this stage means a direct military confrontation with not only the Syrian army, but also the Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah, etc. Needless to explain that the recent Russia & Iran direct military intervention have already made the situation in Syria more critical.

Based on many reasons, the Syrian sky is already prone to a direct military confrontation between different states.

Based on all briefly noted above, I'm wondering: does H. Clinton have any military or political adviser or IR expert in her team?

M. Sirani                              29.10.2015