Thursday, October 1, 2015

Exclusive: Be Prepared for A Huge Offensive Operation in Syria & Iraq; Iranian Ground Forces Have Arived in Syria.

Briefly: Russia, Iran and China (From the behind) have decided to clean up the mess in Syria & Iraq. In this respect, every individual or group, which would not be agree with political systems in Syria & Iraq would be identified as enemy.

The Western & Arab countries have three choices at this stage: 1- Total retreat and withdrawal from both Syria & Iraq, 2- Staying in Syria & Iraq and offering assistance to Iran & Russia in their favor, 3- Staying in Syria & Iraq in order to hijack the power from Iran & Russia. Based on many reasons, this option would lead to a humiliating defeat, intensifying tension not only within Syria & Iraq but also in some other areas, huge collateral damages, further destruction of both countries of Syria & Iraq, high probability that the tension in Syria & Iraq would spillover to another neighboring countries and influx of more refugees towards the neighboring countries & consequently the EU.

M. Sirani                01.10.2015