Saturday, October 10, 2015

Still Is Not Confirmed; A Russian Jet Was Shot Down By Turkish Forces After Violating Turkey's Airspace.


If this news is true and correct, we should be prepared for further complications and consequences with regards to current tension in the Middle East.

If this news is true, some of the basic and preliminary consequences would be:

1- The Syrian authority might give a strong warning to US-led coalition that from now on, they cannot conduct airstrike against ISIS positions inside Syria without permission from Assad's Regime. In other words, any violation in this matter would be answered by some Russian S-300 or S-400 anti-aircraft systems.

2- The second possibility would be intensifying tension in Ukraine.

In short, this event would intensify the tension not only in Syria but also in other areas in the region between different actors. Such an incident can drag the whole region into a broad and total war. I hope all the policy makers in this matter remember that the First World War was started with a single bullet.

M. Sirani                         10.10.2015