Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Newly Adapted Policy of the U.S. Amid Deploying Some Ground Force Into Iraq & Syria is A Combination of Buck-Passing & Offshore Balancing in the Favor of Iran & Russia. This policy, In addition, Would Empower & Strengthen the Hegemony of Iran in the Region.

Do you have some reliable, reasonable and logical answer for the following questions?

Strategy? Tactic? What do you want to achieve? How? Who are your trustworthy forces on the ground in both quantity & quality matters? What & how is the relationship between your trustworthy forces on the ground (Both Iraqi & Syrian) and the central governments in both states? What type of balance of power exists in these two battlefields between various internal & external actors? What type of advantages in various terms you have in these battles in comparison with your rivals?
Who collect your data on the ground? How trustworthy your informants & HUMINT are? What are the advantages of your rivals (e.g. Iran and other Shiite affiliates in both countries) in different terms?
Who analyze/s your data? and many other questions.

Note: As i follow the news in the region including the two battlefields in Iraq & Syria, it seems to me that current U.S. policy makers have a huge problem in all questions noted above. Needless to explore & confirm my statement in this matter, due to the fact that through the past 4/5 years, you have reach nothing in these battles.  (Once again: With emotional and reactionary move, you reach nothing).

M. Sirani          28.10.2015