Monday, September 28, 2015

Ben Rhodes is Still Dreaming, When It Comes to Current Conflict in Syria ( Based on His Short Interview with BBC Today).


To the Western Politicians: You are still couple of moves behind Iran, Russia and China, although you had 4/5 years time and some historical opportunity to change the course of this conflict (Not with military intervention). E.g. the latest chemical attack in Syria, which took place on 21.08.2013. Or while, Iran was under severe economic sanctions and political isolation. You missed all those opportunities due to your miscalculation, wrong analysis, wrong policies and the lack of proper knowledge with regards to what is really going on on the ground in Syria.

At the present, 1- the international community is going to lift the sanctions on Iran, 2- Russia has directly, openly and publicly deployed its military forces into Syria and is strengthening its military position in the country, 3- China's military advisers are heading to Syria. and 4- Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq have openly and publicly created its own intelligence ( and possibly military pack) pack against ISIS, ( but in reality against all enemies of both Syrian and Iraqi political systems).

Considering these brief information, Mr. Rhodes still thinks that the USA and the West have the upper hands with regards to the Syrian conflict; as such Russia, Iran, China and Syria should accept his offer. (wake up dear: be realistic with regards to this tension & be prepared for a long term conflict, worse than Syria in Yemen and beyond).

M. Sirani                         28.09.2015