Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Warning: The Dam Is Badly Broken; The Western Politicians Are Still in the Hibernation Mode.

Since couple of months ago, i have decided to do not upload any comprehensive analysis in the form of pro bono in my weblog. As such, you will read the word "Briefly" in the beginning of all my short notes.

When it comes to the current Migration Flux, the dam is badly broken; but most of the western politicians do not get it yet.

The Middle East and Africa do not tolerate and accept the current status quo. In addition, we have entered new era in different terms. As an example, couple of years ago, you (the western countries) could prevent or decrease the flow of migrants and refugees with different policies and rules; but not anymore. What you are observing currently is just the tip of a huge iceberg mainly located in the Middle East and Africa, but it is underway towards the West. In other words, the previous dam in this regards is broken and does not function anymore.

Moreover, the current refugees crisis in Hungary clearly shows how vulnerable the western countries are. Just a couple of thousands refugees have dismantled the Hungarian authority in different terms. The refugees crisis will create a huge headache in different terms and forms including in security arena for the western countries, if the U.S and EU authorities would not deal with this crisis in an appropriate, humane and professional manner.

Note: The west needs an immediate fundamental strategy with regards to the refugees crisis and its wrong foreign policy; otherwise, the western countries will be surprised & shocked in different terms somewhere in the near future in their own territories.

M. Sirani                      03.09.2015