Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This is a Fact: We Cannot Defeat ISIS Neither in Syria Nor in Iraq, Unless We Would Find a Fundamental Solution for the Syrian Civil War in Advance.

Briefly: There is a solution for the Syrian conflict.

You are just wasting your time, energy, money and resources in fight against ISIS. And at the end of the day, no matter, how much effort you put in this matter, you don't reach a tangible and effective result. You should, firstly, find a fundamental solution for the Syrian civil war and then deal with ISIS. Otherwise, you reach nothing.

When it comes to the Syrian civil war: The history of last four years has shown that based on many reasons, this conflict cannot be solved through direct or indirect military intervention or a type of proxy war fueled by one or some external factors. Two simple arguments, which confirms my statement in this matter are as follows: 1- All policies, tactics, and strategies that you have implemented to remove Bashar Assad from the power or defeat the ISIS have totally failed without any single tangible and effective result. 2- The Islamic Regime of Iran defended Assad's Regime by all means, when Iran was under the series of severe sanctions due to its secret nuclear program. Due to the current nuclear deal and consequently lifting the sanctions, Iran would automatically be able to defend Assad's Regime by much more powerful tools and leverages. To put it simply, you couldn't remove Bashar Assad from the power, when Iran was under the pressure of severe sanctions, you will not be able to do this task in the future following the nuclear deal and lifting the sanctions.

Whether we like it or not this is a fact. As such, in order to fundamentally defeat the ISIS and prevent further damages and complications  (e.g. influx of tens of thousands refugees into the Europe, which will highly likely continue in the future) we should find a diplomatic for the Syrian civil war.
This issue is possible.

As i have repeatedly mentioned it in my previous notes, i have a proposal for the Syrian civil war, which not only solve the conflict in a diplomatic and peaceful manner, but also would put an end to ISIS problem in Syria in an appropriate manner.

M. Sirani                    08.09.2015