Saturday, September 12, 2015

Intensifying Tension In Syria Will Cause Huge Problems for the EU in Different Terms. We Should Put an End to This Conflict; Before it's too late.

In the last couple of days, more Russian planes have landed in Syria. In addition, lifting the sanctions on Iran will offer Iran numerous leverages in various forms and terms to help and support Assad's Regime in the near future. Moreover, this is a fact that without finding a fundamental solution for the Syrian civil war, the U.S.-led coalition will not be able to properly defeat the ISIS and other terrorist groups inside Syria. Furthermore, as the conflict in Syria continues, the neighboring countries and consequently the EU will face a series of deeper and broader problems and complications. The influx of refugees, which has its own complications including in security arena, is just one of these problems. The combination of all noted above, indicates a fact that we should put an end to the Syrian conflict as soon as possible, before the side effects of this conflict would damage many countries furthermore.

Note: I have a peace plan for the Syrian conflict and ready to offer my assistance in this matter to a reliable state or the UN.  

M. Sirani                    12.09.2015