Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Dam is Broken; The Great Global Human March Has just Begun.


What we are currently observing within the EU is just a tip of huge iceberg; the dam is broken.
The EU states should focus on two main issues simultaneously (AS damage control policies) as follows:

1- Deal with the current refugee crisis (and the next waves, which are underway towards the West) in a humane, appropriate and professional manner.

2- A radical change (In different terms) in the foreign policy, with regards to the developing countries.

Needless to explore how some other issues such as economic crisis, environmental degradation and water shortage would impact the refugee crisis. Ignoring one or both issues mentioned above would be equivalent to lots of problems in various forms and terms (including security issue) for the EU countries in the next coming months and years. We should not forget, how just couple of thousands refugees, without touching anything, caused a huge disorder in Hungary. Moreover, we should not forget that most of these refugees are not coming from an ordinary war zone.

M. Sirani                        05.09.2015