Sunday, September 13, 2015

IF You Haven't, So Far, Been Able to Find a Solution For the Syrian Conflict; That Doesn't Mean Others Can't Do it.


I can use the words and speeches of the leaders of nearly all internal and external actors involved in the Syrian conflict and design a peace plan for Syria in the benefit of vast majority of the Syrian people. The plan would put an end to the Syrian civil war and in the final stage would fundamentally defeat the ISIS in Syria.

Note: All your previous strategy and plan with regards to the Syrian conflict and defeating ISIS have ended up to a total failure and disaster in different terms. In comparison with all resources that you have used during the recent years, you have reached nothing with regards to this conflict. Your current policy will also reach nothing in the future; in fact, you don't have a clear, reliable, reasonable and reachable plan at all neither with regards to the Syrian civil war nor against ISIS. You are just mumbling some dreamy words in your international meeting amid this conflict and wasting your resources on the ground against ISIS without reaching a serious achievement at the end. In addition, you should bear in mind that if this conflict continues further, not only Syria and its neighboring countries, but also the EU will suffer a lot in different terms. To put it simply and short, ISIS will expand the Syrian and Iraqi civil wars into the EU territories, The potentialities and leverages of such a move have arrived into the EU and exist already. Open your eyes and see the realities.

M. Sirani                         13.09.2015