Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Shocking Announcement: David Cameron Says: The UK Will Accept 4000 Syrian Refugees Each Year Up Until 2020; in Total 20,000.


Cameron's announcement is really shocking me. What does D. Cameron think? Does he think that the Syrian civil war would continue up to the next five years without any further complications that he would be able to easily accept 4000 refugees each year without any further problem?

D. Cameron and those who think like him should understand that the Syrian civil war has reached a very critical point and moreover pay attention to some facts as follows:

1- If the conflict in  Syria would continue until the next five years, whether D. Cameron likes or not and beyond his power and authority, the UK will be forced (By the influx of refugees) to accept more than 40,000 refugees each year.

2- If the conflict in Syria would continue until year 2020, not only the whole Middle East, but also the European countries including the UK would face a series of threats and problems in different terms.

Instead of designing unrealistic and dreamy plan, it would be wise to find a fundamental solution for this conflict as soon as possible.

Note: Some western politicians still don't get it that The DAM IS BROKEN. In other words, the current refugees crisis is not just the case of Syrian refugees alone. Most of the marginalized and deprived people even in remote areas around the world have obtained enough information how to save themselves and reach the Europe. I was expecting the current influx of refugees would function like a "Wake UP Call" for some politicians. As it appears, i was wrong.

M. Sirani                   08.09.2015