Saturday, September 5, 2015

Warning: Those Genius EU Politicians, Who Say They Are Cutting Food and Shelter for Non-Refugees, Have Absolutely No Clue In What Type of Sh*** Critical Situation the EU Has Been Landing.


Beyond the power and authority of anyone, the shadow of a huge threat has been arriving within the EU. Then some genius are saying they are cutting the food and shelter for non-refugees. Those genius think the current and future waves of refugees are like those, who arrived within the EU some years ago.  Just 0/05% wrong people among all can cause a huge disaster within the EU.

Some genius EU politicians still don't understand that just 4 terrorists caused the deployment of nearly 80,000 military and security forces across France during Charlie Hebdo attack.

For your own sake: Do not produce jargon; Just Wake Up. Deal with this crisis in an appropriate and professional manner; before it's too late. Otherwise, you will lose badly. As an example, nearly 60 states, some of them European, are the members of US-led coalition and are in a direct war against ISIS, Al.Qaeda, Al-Shebab and other terrorist groups across the Middle East and Africa.

Is it a difficult and impossible task that one or some of these terrorist groups would deploy some small numbers of their members to the EU through these large numbers of refugees? Is it difficult for this hypothetical small numbers to perform some lone wolf attacks within the EU? Should this happen (I hope not) what would be the reaction of public opinion within the EU states with regards to war against ISIS or other terrorist groups?

The answer is very simple: The citizens of such a state would force their government to retreat from the war against ISIS. The reason behind such a move is very simple: ISIS cannot compete with the US-led coalition highly sophisticated war planes neither in Iraq nor in Syria. But a terrorist act of a lone wolf within one of the EU countries can do a lot.  To put it simply, ISIS or maybe some other terrorist groups, by such a move would highly likely to expand the battlefield within geographical territory of the EU.  This sudden eruption of large scale refugees might not be a simple and ordinary move. Whether agree or disagree with my short note, we cannot deny the fact that there is some probability in this matter, which should neither be ignored nor underestimated.  

Therefore, i suggest the EU countries should deal with the current refugees crisis immediately and in a very appropriate, humane and professional manner; and be prepared for the next coming waves of refugees. And this is something that all the EU countries should coordinate and cooperate. This is a MUST, simply due to the lack of border guards among EU countries and the notion that a lone wolf act in one country within the EU would automatically impact the other EU states in different terms and forms. We should not forget that each member of the EU might have its own characteristics and rules in different terms, but when it comes to an important issue such as Security, all the members of union should perfectly coordinate and cooperate with each other. Otherwise the whole Union would become vulnerable and the negative consequences would be devastating for all.

Note: Don't misunderstand my short note. This is a fact that vast majority of these refugees are innocent and deprived people, who have been escaping from war zone areas to save themselves and their families. There is absolutely no doubt about it. My warning is about the possibility of a very small group of terrorists among these innocent people.

Once again, I hope my prediction in this matter would not come true; although i highly likely doubt about it based on many reasons, which exploring all of them is beyond the scope of this short note.

M. Sirani                  05.09.2015