Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In An Act of Desperation & Confusion, The West (NATO) Shooting Itself in the Foot. (Who is A Bored Kid in the Back of the Classroom in the International Politics? ).


The west (NATO) is totally confused and have absolutely no clear effective plan or reasonable strategy/tactic with regards to neither Ukraine, nor Syria, nor Iraq nor against ISIS. The U.S. $500 million dollars plan to train the Syrian rebels has reached a dead end alley. The nearly two years airstrike plan against ISIS has not achieved any tangible success. In an act of desperation & confusion, furthermore, the West is deciding to deploy ballistic missile defense system to Romania / Poland or nuclear bombs to Germany.

I'm wondering does the West (NATO) understand that the sudden Russia's military move & involvement of China's military advisers in Syria is a natural and inevitable consequence of NATO wrong policy in the EU & Ukraine?

In case of further continuation , the west (NATO) will lose the battle in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine and beyond. I suggest those decision makers in these matters to read "Sun Tzu ( The Art of War) or follow a 101-Strategy & Tactic & 101-Policy Analysis courses. Honestly, when i follow the news, it seems to me that some of you think that you are playing a monopoly-war type game. You role the dice. If the resting position of the dice is two, all of a sudden you decide to move the ballistic missile defense system into two countries of Romania and Poland, without thinking about the consequences of such a random move in somewhere else. If is six, you decide to have a six airstrikes against ISIS in that day. 

In short, based on the current international laws and conventions, this is the West that from now on should coordinate with Russia with regards to the current conflict in Syria; due to the fact that Assad's regime has officially asked Russia for help in war against ISIS. In other words, all the efforts and resources that the west has used in Syria in the past 4/5 years, should be thrown into the historical GARBAGE CAN, without any single positive result. That is the result of the western "rolling the dice policy".  Do you see how a new player suddenly take the ball from some old players in the game? 

Important: If the western countries do not coordinate and compromise with Russia with regards to the Syrian conflict at this stage, there is some probability that Russian warplanes would target the Syrian rebels in addition to ISIS position somewhere in the future.  

Q: Who is "A bored Kid in the back of the classroom in the international politics? President Putin? looooooooool

M. Sirani                       30.09.2015