Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are You Expecting that Khamenei's Long Term Special Representative Solve Your Problem With Iran?

Some claim that Rouhani couldn't hand shake President Obama because of the opinion of the hard

liners in Iran. Some others claim that Rouhani is in the beginning of a positive road and he needs time

to deal with hard liners in Tehran. In response to these claims, I have to pose some questions

including: Do you know that before the presidency position, Rouhani was special representative of

the Supreme Leader Khamenei within Supreme National Security Council for many years? Do you

know (Since 1997 up until this moment as far as I know)  Hassan Rouhani was and still is a member

of the Expediency Discernment Council? Do you know that the Supreme Leader Khamenei

personally appoints all the members of the Expediency Council among his close and trustworthy


Some other analysts  simply compare Ahmadinejad with Rouhani and claim that Rouhani is better

than Ahmadinejad. Such a comparison simplifies the analysis about the Islamic Regime and its

moves. Moreover, this type of methodology is totally wrong, based on many reasons. This is the fact

that both Ahmadinejad and Rouhani were and are the puppets of the Islamic Regime system.

However, there are some differences between these two persons, which should be mentioned.

Ahmadinejad did not have any academic knowledge about the International  Law or International

Relations. Therefore, he couldn't perform a logical or I might say a normal speech during an event at

the international level for example. But, Rouhani and Zarif have this type of background; they have

enough skill to address an issue in such international events. Moreover, we should bear in mind

that before presidency position, Ahmadinejad did not have any high ranking official position or a

close relationship with the Supreme Leader within the structure of the Islamic Regime in comparison

with Rouhani and Zarif. Furthermore, the Supreme Leader Khamenei did not appoint Ahmadinejad

for a high profile position within the Islamic Regime before his presidency. But as I noted above,

Hassan Rouhani has been appointed by the Supreme Leader for different high ranking positions in

Iran. In fact, in many occasion, Hassan Rouhani has been Khamenei's special representative within an

important entity in Iran.

Considering these brief information, still you are expecting that Rouhani change the course of the Islamic Regime in a positive manner with regard to the current tension in Syria, Iran's nuclear activity or Iran's expansionist behavior abroad? Rouhani has been and still is a special and trustworthy representative of Khamenei in the different important entities within the Islamic Regime and you are hoping that he performs a positive change in the regime? 

My condolences to those shallow minded scholars, analysts and policy-makers, who believe that Rouhani will change the course of the Islamic Regime.

M. Sirani                          24.09.2013