Monday, September 16, 2013

The UN Should Immediately Deploy Its Experts to The Site of Chemical Attack Near Damascus.

Today, the United Nation chemical weapons inspectors confirmed that the banned chemical nerve agent sarin were used in Damascus on Aug. 21, 2013. At this stage, the UN should perform two moves. Firstly, the UN should signs the CWC treaty with the Syrian authority. During this short period, Syria is also giving the list of all its chemical weapons and their depots to the UN. Thereafter, the United Nation Security Council should immediately draft a resolution and without any delay, deploy its experts to the site of chemical attack to identify the perpetrators of this horrific act. The perpetrators of this inhuman act should face a lawful and fair trial, no matter, who they are, or what types of official positions they have. The justice must be served. This is a legal, regular and standard procedure, which Russia and China cannot stop it by their vetoes within the Security Council. This issue should not be a problem for Asad's regime as well, due to the fact that Bashar Asad and other Syrian officials constantly claim that the Syrian opposition was responsible for this horrible act!!! So simple, we can paralyze the liar in the international arena; so simple, we can absorb the public opinion. 

M. Sirani                             16.09.2013