Sunday, September 29, 2013

Unfair, Unjust and Illogical Accusation.

In response to my latest article titled "Rouhani's Statement about the Holocaust and Christiane Amanpour's big misinterpretation", someone has left a comment for me and accused me of being a Zionist apologist. In response to this unfair, unjust and illogical accusation, I have to bring the attention of the readers to some important issues as follows.

Firstly, If I was a Zionist or Zionist apologist, I would have said it loudly, clearly, openly and bravely; because I'm not scared of neither you nor anyone else nor the God in the world, particularly when it comes to an important issue such as expressing my ideas and opinions.

Secondly, I'm an independent and neutral analyst, which moral and ethical values have enormous and unlimited considerations for me. I analyze different issues particularly with regard to the Islamic Regime based on my academic knowledge and some decades political activity background. In this respect, I don't blend my personal preferences such as my nationality, emotion, religion (Although, I'm an atheist) or something else in my analyses. If I let some of my personal preferences would influence my analysis, the result of my research would certainly lose its neutrality, authenticity and trustworthiness. This is something that I as an analyst would always do my best to totally avoid it. This is my motto. For example, when I see a group of people are suffering; my duty, my moral consideration and my responsibility as an ordinary human being force me to help them as much as I can; no matter those people are atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc; no matter those people are Asians, Africans, Europeans, Americans or some people from the Middle East. In any of these issues, I do my best to stand in the right side of the history and fulfill my duty and moral considerations. As such, I don't care if anyone disagrees or dislikes my opinion or my behavior. Because misassumption or misunderstanding of others are not my businesses. Such people should understand that before some issues such as nationality, race, religion  and beliefs: We are human beings and we should have the same and equal rights and duties.              

Thirdly, I publish small part of my assumption about different events in this simple weblog. I defend my assumptions and analyses with full authority and responsibility to the death; unless someone would show me with some logical and scientific arguments; of course in a polite manner and without any unjust and unfair accusation that I'm wrong or my assumption is irrelevant.

Fourthly, the readers of this simple weblog should understand that I am an analyst. You as the readers might agree or disagree with my opinion; you are free to ignore, or criticize my arguments in a logical and scientific manner as much as you want. In this respect, I really appreciate your comment as well as your criticism. But, please bear in mind that I am not a Hollywood movie director or a movie star, who try to use every trick in order to appease large numbers of people.     

Fifthly, the readers should understand that my intention about the article " Rouhani's statement about the Holocaust and Christian Amanpour's big misinterpretation" was not an analysis about the domestic or foreign policy of Israel. Instead, in this article, I tried to disclose Iran's new tactic; the way that Iran tries to once again deceive the whole world; the method, which Iran tries to use it in order to preserve Asad's regime and simultaneously continues with its nuclear activity secretly, the same as Iran has done it in 2003. Moreover, in this article, I tried to illustrate how some people in the media intentionally or unintentionally would help Iran in this matter. This is something that I have anticipated in my previous short notes such as: 1- Are you expecting that Khamenei's long term special representative solve your problem with Iran? and 2- Mr. Jack Straw should watch this video clip.

Sixthly and finally, before throwing any unjust and unfair accusation to someone like me, please hire a neutral professional translator and an reliable Iran analyst and let these experts (not an Iranian regime's apologist) translate and analyze Rouhani's statement for you.

In the final part I remind you to an important point. I fully aware that a nuclear weapon would give us (as Iranians) an extraordinary power not only in the critical and strategic region of the Middle East, but also in the international arena. This advantage would be beneficial for us particularly after the collapse of the Islamic regime. In this respect, I can close my eyes to Iran's nuclear activity in my analyses; I can ignore this part of Iranian regime's activity by writing about some another unimportant issues. But from the bottom of my heart, I don't like to see one day, you will wake up from sleep because of the vibrations of Iran's nuclear bomb test. Because I know that the current Iranian regime is not a normal and reliable political system, which could be trusted in this particular and important issue. Because I know a nuclear weapon in the hand of current political system in Iran is equivalent to total destruction of not only the lives of Iranian people but also millions of people around the world. Thus, be careful about the new moves of the Iranian regime.     

M. Sirani                      29.09.2013