Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mr. Jack Straw Should Watch This Video Clip.

In an interview, Mr. Jack Straw the former British Foreign Secretary gives credit to Iran's current president and claims that Hassan Rouhani is a moderate politician. Because Rouhani stopped Iran's nuclear activity in 2003 by a simple telephone call to Tehran, as Mr. Jack Straw states. There is, however, a video clip of Rouhani on YouTube, which completely refutes Jack Straw's statement in this matter. In this video clip, Rouhani explains, how Iran's nuclear activity have had enormous positive developments in 2003 and 2004. During this interview, Rouhani clearly explains step by step how Iran developed Yellowcake, Heavy-water reactors; Increased the numbers of centrifuges in its nuclear plans through those years (Iranian calendar 83-84), while Mr. Jack Straw was optimistically thinking that Iran has stopped its nuclear activity.

I hope some neutral person translates this video clip for Mr. Jack Straw.

M. Sirani                              21.09.2013