Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Does the Iranian Regime Deceive The World?

It really shocks me, when I see how the Iranian regime can deceive some shallow minded people by some simple moves. Some examples of these types of moves are as follows.

1- Iran`s foreign ministry has become the responsible entity to follow the nuclear negotiation within 5+1 group. This simple move has created a misassumption among some shallow minded people that Iran is moving toward a some type of reform with regard to its nuclear activity.

2- Iran`s second move is Rafsanjani's recent statement, which it claims that Asad's regime is behind the recent chemical attack in Damascus. This statement has created a misassumption that Iran would withdraw its support for Asad's regime.

3- Zarif , Iran's foreign minister condemns the holocaust and send Jews new year's greeting on twitter.

By these types of moves, the Iranian regime cause doubt and misassumption between its enemies and opponents. This issue, as a result, would cause more fragmentation and disagreement among Iran's enemies and opponents. This event, as a result, would offer Iran enough time to follow its path again. The rest of the story is clear.

This is the story. Briefly, Iran knows that the Syrian civil war has reached a critical point, due to the recent chemical attack in Damascus. Moreover, Iran knows that sooner or later the US would launch a limited but an extensive and comprehensive military attack on Asad's regime military forces. The US involvement in this battle, without any doubt would lead to the collapse of Asad's regime somewhere in the near future. Iran's new moves could be understood in this respect. By these moves, Iran tries to buy the time in order to save its strategic points I.e. Syria and Hezbollah, in the Middle East.

These shallow minded people should also pay attention to some other issues including:

1- Hezbollah has recently deployed 10,000 members to Damascus to defend Asad's regime in case of the US military strike.

2- Qasem Soleimani, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghods Force has issued an order that Iran's close allies and proxies should attack to every US facility in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, case of the US military strike on Syria.  

Important point: Part of the reason that the cooperative efforts of some countries such as the US, The UK, France and the 22 members of Arab league have not been able to defeat Iran in Syria , after two and half years struggle, lies in this matter. With all due respect, this is a fact, you don't have enough knowledge about these types of Iran's tricks and tactics.

M. Sirani                    05.09.2013