Monday, September 23, 2013

Khatami's Article in the Guardian is Another Iran's Trick (We should not repeat the Munich Agreement).

Iran is desperately trying to save Syria. In doing so, Iran has developed a new plan. As I mentioned in my previous short notes, this plan is Iran's nuclear activity. In this respect, Iran tries to make a superficial deal with the West with regard to its nuclear activity. as such, Iran might agree to decrease the scope of its nuclear activity to some extent. Consequently, the West would lift some of the sanctions, while behind the scene, Iran would continue to its nuclear development in another secret plant. In this respect, Iran would be able to completely divert the attention of the international community from Syria into its nuclear negotiation for a while. Khatami's article published in the Guardian and other statements of Iran's policy-makers should be understood in this direction. From different angles, with various methods, Iran's policy-makers including Khatami Iran's former president try to create an unrealistic image that Rouhani is the only golden opportunity for the West and the West should use it; otherwise, not only the Middle East but also the whole world will collapse. In this respect, Iran tries to push the West to accept a deal through an invisible and indirect coercive policy tool.

The international community should not fall in Iran's trap. I repeat my previous argument; this is a historical moment to create a buffer zone in Syria;to dismantle Hezbollah; to paralyze the Islamic Regime of Iran abroad. If we don't use this opportunity, without any doubt, Iran would attain the nuclear weapon somewhere in the close future. Should this happen, no one, no international authority, no super power would be able to control Iran's behavior at the local, regional and international levels. We should not repeat the Munich Agreement twice.

M. Sirani                           24.09.2013