Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Real Definition for the Term "Moderate Muslim".

There is no Moderate Islam; there is no Moderate Muslim, unless,,,,

Sicking tired of the fabricated terms so-called Moderate Islam or Moderate Muslim; those individuals, institutes and organizations that the western countries support and promote them in different aspects. One might wonder why? Following the terrorist attacks in France like any other tragic terrorist activity, nearly all these so-called Moderate Muslims claim one argument but with different tune and words as follows. 

They say: we condemn the terrorist attack, but journalists, politicians and scholars should understand that Islam and Prophet Mohammad are some holy matters for Muslims; as such, these issues should never be insulted, because these matters would provoke Muslims around the world. 

I'm asking the western authorities: What is the difference in essence between, for example, the Fatwa that Ayatollah Khomeini issued against Salman Rushdie or what someone like Usama Ben Laden said and the arguments of so-called your fabricated Moderate Muslims in this matter? Do you see any difference in essence between these two arguments? Both of these arguments would try to violate our freedom in different terms, one with sword and an eminent attack, another one with a direct threatening argument, which clearly tells you: learn from current terrorist attack; do not touch these issues; otherwise you lose your head in this matter sooner or later. A clear example in this respect, is a so-called moderate Muslim like professor Tariq Ramadan backed by the British authority. 

To put it simply: Moderate Muslim is the one who completely respect and supports a secular political system (separation of church and state type system), and moreover fully respects, supports and tolerates the unlimited freedom of speech, thoughts and expression about every subjects and themes including God and Prophet Mohammad. Otherwise is a pure charlatanism, delusion and deception.

M. Sirani                               11.01.2015