Friday, January 16, 2015

All the Western Countries Including Israel Should Be on Alert; the Threat of Terrorists is Imminent.

Don't be naive by assuming that France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands are the only western countries that are facing terrorist threat at the present time.

The security forces in the West including Israel should bear in mind that in the mindset and heart of Islamic terrorists all the Western countries are the army of infidels and enemies of God and in this matter, they are collaborating with each other.

As such, if the terrorists would not be able to perform a terrorist attack in France, for example, due to massive security force deployment, they would perform the attack in another place within the EU. By performing this type of seek & hide terrorist attack, they demonstrate that: 1- the Western countries are vulnerable in terms of security, 2- Creating the atmosphere of fear and insecurity among citizens and consequently dismantling the whole society in various form, and 3- They show that they have taken their revenge from the enemies of God.

M. Sirani                                16.01.2015