Saturday, January 10, 2015

The EU Should Collectively, Strongly and Fundamentally Reorganize its Security Measures in Different Terms. The Tragic Terror Event in Paris is just the Tip of the Massive Iceberg.

There are many loopholes and weaknesses within security and intelligence entities of all the EU countries in various scale. The EU countries should bear in mind that sooner or later, they would undoubtedly arrive in a conflictual point with the Iranian Regime as well, mainly based on Iran's adventurous nuclear activity and Iran's expansionist behavior in the Middle East and North Africa. As such, the EU should be prepared on the one hand for terrorist activities of some Sunni fundamentalist groups and some Shiite fundamentalist groups backed by the Iranian Regime in the other hand.

To put it simply, what we are observing currently, is just the tip of a massive hidden iceberg. Needless to say that there is huge differences and conflicts between the followers of Sunni and Shiite religions around the globe in different scale. But, when it comes to a war against a common enemy such as the West, these two different Islamic groups would either directly or indirectly cooperate with each other in a best possible manner. You have experienced this event in many places such as Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, etc in the last couple of years.

M. Sirani                             10.01.2015