Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Your Appeasement Policy Towards Iran is Completely Counterproductive; Don't You get it?

I'm neither a warmonger type nor proponent of a military strike on Iran; although, i'm reasonably and logically convinced that the Iranian Regime would never accept and tolerate any reform and this clero-totalitarian Regime should be overthrown by the effort of the Iranian people. But i should remind you to a simple fact as follows.
Your appeasement policy towards the Islamic Regime is completely counterproductive. On the contrary, your soft and apologist behavior, would stimulate and encourage Iran to expand its influence and power more than before.

Look at your achievements in Iraq and Syria , for example. You are completely appeasing the Iranian Regime in both Iraq and Syria by creating an international coalition consisted of nearly 60 states against ISIS. What has been the reaction of Tehran? Iran simply removed Nouri- Almaleki and replaced it with another puppet Haidar-Alabadi alongside with many members of Badr Organization a subset of IRGC and Quds Force.

You (the Western Countries) appeased Iran and saved Iran's religious, and geopolitical interests in both Iraq and Syria. Did you get any positive response from Tehran with regards to the nuclear negotiation? Nothing at all.

What about Yemen? Did you get any positive deal with Tehran with regards to Yemen following your appeasement policy?

Yessssssssssssssssss. In response to your appeasement policy, Iran seized the power in Yemen.

Do you still need extra examples with regards to Lebanon, Afghanistan or somewhere else in order to understand the negative outcomes of your appeasement policy towards Tehran?

Note: For your own sake; keep distance from the Iranian Regime's lobbies (who work for your administration as your Iran analyst) for a couple of days; who knows, maybe you understand that you are a SINKING SHIP with regards to the totalitarian and expansionist behavior of Tehran.

M. Sirani                              20.01.2015