Saturday, January 24, 2015

It Seems: The White House and Its Residents Located on Mars, not On Earth.

Our contemporary world is full of surprises; of course, if we follow the news in a neutral and constant manner. One of the new surprises is the recent statement of Josh Earnest the current White House spokesman with regards to the current tension in Yemen; where in, the Shiite Houthi Rebels have seized the power in Sanaa and accordingly has completely dismantled the political system in this country. The funny part of Josh Earnest's statement is, where, he talked about the role of the Iranian Regime in this tension and the influence of Iran on the Houthi Rebels.

In this respect, Josh Earnest claims:
"The United States wants to continue its close counterterrorism cooperation with Yemen and does not see the Houthi rebel takeover of that government as a sign that Iran or al Qaeda are exerting control there (dailymail, 2015).

Moreover, Josh Earnest states:
"He said it was "not clear" that Iran was exerting control or influence over the rebels and noted that the Houthis and al Qaeda were "enemies" (Dailymail, 2015).

As illustrated above, after 36 years and many evidences, which all of them indicates the fact that the Iranian Regime has been supporting the Houthi Rebels and once in a while, Iran has been sending money, weapon and explosive material for the Houthis, the White House and its spokesman Josh Earnest still do not know whether Iran is exerting its control or influence over the Houthi Rebels and Yemen or not. Needless to explain more.

Note: It seems the White House has located on another planet for example Mars and its residents including the White House spokesman have absolutely no idea what is going on on Earth.
I'm wondering why the White House itself would try to commit suicide by such a shallow and baseless statement. Appease the Iranian Regime as much as you want. But i will, shall insure you that Iran will develop its nuclear weapon sooner or later.

M. Sirani                                       24.01.2015