Thursday, January 8, 2015

One of the Terrorists Left His ID Card in Their Abandoned Getaway Car. Have little Doubt About It.

As media reveal one of the terrorists, who attacked Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, has left his ID card in their abandoned getaway car. As an individual far away from this event, i'm not in a position to confirm or deny the credibility and accuracy of this news. But regarding this particular part of the news, some considerations are in order as follows.

1 - As many security and intelligence experts also claim, these three terrorists were well prepared for this horrific act. They knew exactly, when and how they should perform the assassination and how to get away from the scene, without any serious confrontation.

2 - As the video clips of this tragic event show, the terrorists performed their barbaric act in a very cold-blooded and cool-headed manner. This issue indicates the fact that the terrorists were either very well experienced, trained and prepared assassins as most of the experts also claim or they were used some calming medication in order to tackle their stress and anxiety during this barbaric act or a combination of both issues.

3 - In order to find the terrorists, France has mobilized 88,000 police and army forces. This huge manhunt has so far, failed to arrest the three terrorists.

The combination of all these three issues mentioned above, illustrates a fact that these terrorists are not novice or beginner in their job. This issue should raise an important question for the French authority as follows.

The question: Is there any possibility that such well-experienced and trained terrorists unintentionally leave an ID card in the getaway car? This is something that i doubt about it.

It might, however, be very difficult to find an accurate answer to this question at this stage. But we cannot reject a small possibility that the terrorists might have intentionally left an ID card in the abandoned getaway car in order to delude and deceive the French security forces. Such a delusional and deceptional environment at this stage, would help the terrorists to escape easier. There is a small possibility for such a trick and in my opinion the French authority should not ignore it.

In addition to what the French authority has done so far, France should consider the two following suggestions:

1- France should offer a monetary reward (bounty) for any news about these terrorists as soon as possible. We should bear in mind that sometimes a monetary reward is much cheaper than the security forces, who are trying to find a fugitive. Moreover, sometimes monetary reward functions faster than the effort of the security forces. 

2- The French authority should publicly and openly give a very strong warning to those who possibly would assist and harbor these terrorists in any terms.

M. Sirani                            08.01.2015