Monday, January 12, 2015

Once Again, the Obama Administration Shot itself in the Foot By Not Attending the Secular Solidarity March in Paris Yesterday.

Do i have to give a basic diplomatic lecture in this matter to the current U.S. administration??????? By such a nonchalant diplomatic behavior, the Obama administration calls itself "the leader of war against terror"!!!!!!!!!
What was the reason behind such a totally wrong diplomatic manner?

 Did the U.S. administration scare because of the possibility of another terrorist attack in Paris during this event? Or the administration wanted to appease the Iranian Regime and the Arab countries once again by not attending this secular solidarity march!!!!

In either cases, the Obama administration shot himself in the foot once again by not attending this secular solidarity march in Paris. 

Note: You are really shocking me. In this respect, i would like to applaud the King of Jordan, President Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister Netanyahu for their brave and completely reasonable reaction by attending this solidarity March and NOT HAVING DOUBLE STANDARD policy in this matter. 

The Obama administration should bear in mind that:
The freedom of speech, thought and expression are not negotiable, no matter, when, where or how.  

M. Sirani                         12.01.2015