Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two Simple Questions For the 60 Members Coalition Against ISIS.

1- Do you have any particular plan, tactic and strategy against ISIS?
2- What have you really achieved during the last five months?

Note: Just don't tell me some jargon, for example, we have saved Baghdad or Mosul or Damascus or some bla bla bla.

For God sake: You are a coalition consisted of 60 powerful and rich states and still you haven't managed to defeat a terrorist organization like ISIS.

I suggest you to completely retreat; withdraw your troops from Syria and Iraq; and don't ruin the name of your country, your name and your political and military career among the international community. You are just kidding yourself and wasting the money of tax payers. Even the ISIS knows you are not serious in this matter. 

M. Sirani                             20.01.2015