Saturday, January 31, 2015

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg Says: NATO Members Should Increase Defense Spending.

I suggest Mr. Stoltenberg to have more deeper and comprehensive research about the shaky economic and political situation of the most of the NATO members within the euro-zone and some future events.

Greek will not follow the austerity measures anymore. There is some possibility that Greek will exit from the EU. Such an event, will undoubtedly spread to other European countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, which are highly indebted and their citizens are sicking tired of austerity measures, high rate unemployment and the lack of social justice.

To put it simply, the whole EU is on the verge of  a type of economic and political earthquake.

How will these countries with such characteristics be able to increase their military spending???????? In sum, you are barking on the wrong tree (Russia) at the wrong time and wrong place.

M. Sirani                     31.01.2015