Friday, November 7, 2014

$14 Billion Dollar Energy Deal Between Hungary and Russia. Who Wanted to Impose Sanction on Russia? (An Example of Kindergarten Foreign Policy). 07.11.2014

Those genius western policy makers, who dragged Ukraine to what it is now, thought, Russia today is the same as Russia in the 1990s in different terms; they thought they would be able to buy President Putin with a Nobel Peace Prize, for example like Gorbachev; they thought, they would be able to buy President Putin with couple of million dollars the same as some western countries did for Yeltsin, etc.

The result of such a huge miscalculation, mirror imaging and underestimation has dragged Ukraine in a unnecessary devastating civil war and has caused massive economic and political crisis for different parts of the EU countries.

M. Sirani                           07.11.2014