Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stuck With Regards to Iran's Nuclear Issue and the Destructive Role of Iran in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc? Tell Me from Which Galaxy You Have Landed on Those Political Chairs That You Are Sitting on!!!!

The Islamic regime of Iran is your creature. Throughout the last 35 years up until now, you have been feeding, nurturing and appeasing this monstrous political system in different terms, based on your economic, political and strategical benefit. During all these years, you have been supporting and promoting the Iranian regime's lobbyists in the most prestigious economic, social, political and educational sectors in your countries in the best possible way you could.

On the contrary, through all these years, you have left us (i.e. those Iranian, who really want to entirely overthrow the Iranian Regime) alone, without any help and support. In some occasions you have sold us to the Iranian Regime Intelligence Service in order to show your appeasement and obedience to the Islamic Regime. The massive number of assassinations against the Iranian political activists abroad is a clear example in this respect.

Now, you are stuck; you have no idea how to deal with the Islamic Regime in different terms. When it comes to nuclear negotiation, tension in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain, Sudan, etc, you have reached a dead end alley.

I remind all of you to an important and simple lecture. This is not the end of story for the Iranian Regime. As soon as Iran obtains the nuclear weapon, all of you, no matter how powerful you think you are in economic and military terms, should leave the whole Middle East and Africa for the Iranian Regime. The Middle East and Africa should be under the command of the Islamic Regime. This issue would become a reality somewhere in the near future; you and your future generations should deal with it, whether you like or not. So, enjoy the rise of an Islamic type of Nazi Regime in the world. The genie is in the beginning of coming out of the bottle.

M. Sirani                           13.11.2014