Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Do Not Inflame the Fire in Ukraine Further Anymore.

I have mentioned this in some of my earlier posts and i repeat it again.
When it comes to Ukraine, your current policy would end up to a devastating result. In fact, you are inflaming the fire by such a policy, not only in Ukraine and the Balkan States, but also in some other areas in the EU somewhere in the near future; of course, if you continue with such a policy. Your policy in this matter does not have any compatibility with the reality on the ground. You have been ignoring and underestimating the current global economic crisis, the power and leverages of Russia in Ukraine, the Balkan States and some other Eastern European countries and more importantly the vital role of Russia with regards to some other development in the Middle East including Iran's nuclear negotiation or the Syrian civil war for example. So, don't be shy; admit your miscalculation and mistake; adjust your plan in this matter, before it's too late. Otherwise, face with massive fiasco in different terms in the near future.

M. Sirani                                        18.11.2014