Thursday, November 13, 2014

Do Not Intensify the Tension in Ukraine; You Are Losing Badly in Different Terms in Various Battlefields.

Do not intensify the tension in Ukraine; try to be reasonable and have some logical calculation. Try to understand that the current Russia is not the devastated country in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Try to swallow this simple fact that Putin is neither Gorbachev that you can buy it with a Nobel Peace Prize, nor Yeltsin that you can buy it with a couple of million dollars bank account in Switzerland. Wake up; the triumphal era of after the Second World War up until 2000 is over. The world has changed and still is changing. Try to observe and accept the rise of other powerful states in the world.
Do not underestimate Putin; Do not push Putin further than this. Putin not only can easily seize the control of Ukraine, but also can destabilize the Balkan States and maybe more. Putin has much more leverages to use than you ever imagine. Do not forget that by putting unnecessary extra pressure on Putin, you are also losing some type of support and coordination with regards to Iran's nuclear issue. For god sake, think realistically: what is important for you at this stage? A nuclear armed Iran or Ukraine? Which one of these issues would threatening your security and interests in the short and long terms?

It should be mentioned that i'm not a fan of president Putin. My point is that you are completely in the wrong track with regards to current tension in Ukraine and this issue would be perfectly beneficial for the Iranian Regime.

Note: By the way, for advertising NATO, for example, try to find a better subject. And sometimes you are missing the point who is your ally, competitor or real enemy. 

M. Sirani                       13.11.2014