Monday, November 17, 2014

Russia is Willing to Cooperate With Hezbollah For the Sake of Stability in Lebanon and the Region.

According to Lebanon news, Russian deputy Foreign Minister M. Bogdanov has recently said:

"Russia is willing to cooperate with Hezbollah For the sake of stability in Lebanon and the region" (Lebanonnews, 2014).

This development not only empowers the position of Hezbollah in domestic arena within the Lebanese political system, but also unjustly increases the legitimacy of this terrorist organization in the regional and international arena. This event, in addition, shows that the Western countries and their allies are couple of steps behind their schedule with regards to ongoing development in the strategic region of the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea; of course, in a comparison with the role of Iran and Russia. This issue, moreover, would create extra obstacle for Israel with regards to maintaining its security.

Furthermore, this event would pave the way, for Russia for entering into the club of countries that to some extent are involved in the peace process between Israel and Palestine, more than before. I'm wondering, how some of the Western and Arab countries provide money and weapon for the Lebanese authority and army, without that some of these help goes in the pocket of Hezbollah. It seems: This is one of those miracles and surprises of the Middle East. Anyway, no wonder that Israel does not trust anyone at all and no wonder that the international community has not been able to establish a sustainable peace between Israel and Palestine after a couple of years effort. (Those, how are interested to know more in this matter, should follow the domino effects of this event in different parts of the Middle East in various terms).

Note: What type of stability a terrorist organization like Hezbollah can provide for the region, is a serious question that Mr. Bogdanov should try to find a reasonable, rational and logical answer for it. In addition, I should remind Mr. Bogdanov to an important point as follows. In a critical and vital moment, between Russian authority and Chechen Rebels, Hezbollah would undoubtedly choose to fight alongside Chechen Separatists based on its divine ideological characteristic.  Furthermore, I'm wondering what the reaction of Mr. Bogdanov would be, if the Western countries, suddenly, for example, decide to cooperate with the Chechen Separatist-rebels? 

I'm fully aware that we are living in an era of total confusion in different terms including international politics. But, it would be wise that every politician looks at the consequence/s of his/her plan and action in the short as well as long term.

M. Sirani                               17.11.2014