Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Philip Morris New Contract in Iran and the Case of Robert Alan Levinson, Who Disappeared in Iran in 2007.

There are many rumors among Iranian websites that Philip Morris Company has signed a contract with the Islamic Regime. Regardless of the final result of the nuclear negotiation with Iran and whether the USA and the international community would remove the sanctions imposed on Iran or not, it would be a kind consideration, if the board of directors of this corporation would do a favor; of course, in addition to its exploitative business objective in Iran. One might wonder about this favor?

So this is the story. As we know American citizen Robert Alan "Bob" Levinson was disappeared in Iran since March 9, 2007. There are different stories about Mr. Levinson and his trip to Iran. Some say, he was a private detective, which was on an investigative mission with regard to smuggling illegal cigarette and tobacco from the UAE into Iran. Some claim, he was a CIA agent and the Iranian regime has arrested him in order to use him as a bargaining chip in some occasion. This allegation (the same as always) has been denied by the Iranian officials in various occasions. Regardless of these claims, there is one thing clear and that is that Mr. Levinson is probably still alive and is somewhere inside Iran. Here comes the favor of Philip Morris Company.

Due to close relationship between Philip Morris Corporation and some high ranking political actors within the Islamic Regime (which made this deal possible), it would be kind consideration that Philip Morris corporation would try to release Mr. Levinson and help him to return back to the USA and his family. In this respect, i suggest the board of directors of Philip Morris to take close contact with Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani (the former President) and Mohsen Rezaei (the former head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps). 

I mention these two officials due to the fact that the illegal cigarette and tobacco market in Iran is in the hand and full control of these two guys. Thus, there is high probability that Philip Morris corporation has signed the contract with either Rafsanjani, or Rezaei or both of these hostage takers. As such, i hope Philip Morris corporation would try to do this simple favor, in addition to its super legitimate business agreement with one of the most horrific and barbaric political systems in the world.

Note: Who knows, maybe after a nuclear deal with Iran in the coming days, we could see that Mr. Levinson and some other hostages / prisoners would be suddenly appeared somewhere  inside or outside Iran or freed from prison.   

M. Sirani                              11.11.2014