Friday, November 7, 2014

Iran Refused to Answer the Two Important Questions Concerning its Nuclear Activity.

According to the latest report of IAEA, Iran has refused to answer the two important questions with regards to its nuclear activity.

Let us be honest with each other. When you are sending an appeasement letter to the supreme leader of the Islamic Regime; when you are desperately confused with regards to the current tension in Iraq and Syria and your military operation in these areas is totally beneficial for the Iranian Regime; when your high ranking political officials and investors are trying to appease the Iranian Regime in different terms and in various occasions; when you are supporting and promoting the Iranian regime affiliates in your countries in different terms; what would you expect?  

Are you expecting with such weak results, shaky positions and wrong policies the Islamic Regime would easily obey your command and follow the international law and convention?

For god sake, the head of Badr Brigade (the direct puppet of the Iranian Regime) has recently become Iraq's Interior Minister and you are happy that the new Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider Al-Abadi is going to form a inclusive and unity government in Iraq. With such a assumption that you have, would Iran follow your command and order?  

If you have such expectation, i can just say: Sweet Dream.

Note: Based on the weak position of the Western countries in both domestic and international arena, the Islamic Regime would probably try to get massive advantages as much as it can. Should this happen, Iran might agree to make a deal with IAEA. Otherwise forget the deal.

M. Sirani                        07.11.2014