Friday, November 7, 2014

Exclusive Shocking Video: How the Islamic Regime Tortures the Young People (07.11.2014).

The video clip below shows how the Islamic Regime security forces behave with the Iranian young people. Watch the video clearly and think: Do you see any similarity between the way that Nazi party members humiliated the Jewish people during Hitler era and the behavior of the Iranian regime with its people? Do you see how the Iranian Regime create the atmosphere of fear, insecurity and humiliation among its people? Do you see how the Islamic Regime tortures and humiliates its people?

These young people might have done something wrong ( i emphasize they might have done something wrong, although i'm not sure in this matter); it is possible. But the point is: Firstly, they are the creature of the Islamic Regime; they are the real victims of the Islamic Regime and Islamic law and environment in that society. Secondly, if they have done something wrong, which i doubt about it, should they be treated in such barbaric, savagery and stone age manner? Should they be tortured in such a inhuman way?

Note: Those politicians, officials and pundits, who are appeasing the Islamic Regime based on different economic, political or strategical reasons, should be ashamed of themselves and should bear in their mind that: one day, they should be held responsible for their acts. They should remember:
We Iranian, who are trying to overthrow the Islamic Regime entirely, never forget, never forgive. 

M. Sirani                                07.11.2014