Thursday, November 6, 2014

President Obama Wrote Secret letter to Khamenei About Fighting ISIS.

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama has sent a secret letter to Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei this past October. Honestly, i'm not interested and i don't care at all about the details of this letter whatever it was. The only important thing for me is to know, who, which adviser has given such a proposal to the President to write such a letter to this person at this critical moment due to the shaky nuclear negotiation, current tension in both Iraq and Syria and the destructive and provocative role that the Iranian Regime has been playing in these countries and the whole Middle East for many years. This letter will be identified by the Islamic Regime as a clear sign of total desperation of the Obama administration.

Note: It seems somebody has to surprise us with some shocking news every damn day or who knows, maybe somebody wants to totally ruin the reputation of President Obama intentionally. Don't blame me in this matter and bear in mind that I'm not a fan of conspiracy theory at all. But when i read this news; when i hear that pentagon has been promoting and supporting Iranian Regime investment in Afghanistan; when i see the unbelievable huge miscalculation of the Obama administration in Ukraine; when i see that the current coalition operates in Iraq and Syria exactly in the favor of the Iranian Regime and Assad's regime and many other examples; i come to the seemingly logical conclusion that somebody might want intentionally ruin Obama's reputation with such unbelievable advises. Because, performing such a series of miscalculation and mismanagement, unintentionally, in short period of time, in the foreign policy of the most powerful country in the world, is almost impossible and unbelievable for me.               

M. Sirani                           06.11.2014