Friday, November 14, 2014

Exclusive: The Malaysian Passenger Plane MH17 Was Shot Down By A Ukrainian Fighter Jet, Not By the Rebels (Leaked Satellite Images).

According to a news published in Mirror, the passenger plane MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter jet and not a surface-to-air missile fired by the rebels. In this article, Mirror has also published some satellite photos, which clearly illustrate the event. The leaked images have been captured by either a British or an American satellite as the article claims.
Here below are some of the images.

Photos (Mirror, 2014).
Some experts have confirmed the authenticity of the images, as the news states. If this story is true, it would be a huge scandal for some of the Western countries and their politicians from different angles.
Firstly, it shows how some of the western politicians and media made a series of unfair and unjust accusations against Russia and the Ukrainian rebels in this matter. Secondly, these images have been captured by either a British or an American satellite according to this news. This means, simply, that either the British authority or the U.S. administration should have been aware of these images during these past couple of months. This issue raises some serious questions as follows. Why the country, that the satellite belongs, has done nothing in this matter? Why this country has not revealed this sensitive and vital information up until this moment? Why this country has not informed the families of those 298 victims about the reality of this sad event? Why this country did not care about the lives of those 298 innocent people, who lost their lives in this devastating and inhuman event, by keeping these images secret? Why?  

Note: This news, if it is true, could be a total political suicide for officials in the country that its satellite has captured these images and additionally for some other western politicians, who have been accusing Russia and the rebels for this catastrophic event. This revelation, such a powerful earthquake, would shake the position of many officials in the West. In short, this scandal would be much bigger than Watergate, Iran-Contra or alike. 

However, some might claim these images are Photoshop and have been fabricated by the Russian authority. If this is your opinion, then deal with this accusation in a reliable international court publicly and openly; of course, if you don't have any stone in your shoes.      

A special note for Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott:
Due to the fact that the G20 Summit will be held in Brisbane, it is the best moment to shirtfront the one, who really is responsible for keeping secret this vital information about the flight MH 17 so far. In this particular case, i really support you from the bottom of my heart. The responsible actor or authority of this catastrophic event should be held accountable. The culprit of this horrible event should understand that in the era of high-tech evolution, it would be very hard to play such a dirty game in a secret manner for a long period of time.      

M. Sirani                                14.11.2014   

Mirror (2014).